Legal Empowerment through Community Paralegal

Project Name: Empowering Linguistic Minority to Realize Rights in Bangladesh

Council of Minorities & NAMATI has jointly started community paralegal project in Urdu Speaking Camps in Bangladesh. First time paralegals used in Urdu-Speaking Bangladeshi communityin June 2013. 16 paralegals trained and supported to serve Urdu-speaking camp dwellers.

Program Goals:

  • Use paralegal model to empower camp residents in the acquisition and use of identity documents (focus on birth certificates, passports, trade licenses,  Councillor/ward commissioner's certificates, ID cards);
  • Collect evidence on current government practice and discrimination
  • Use data/evidence for advocacy to push for proper implementation of the law

Project Area:

  • Dhaka- Mohammadpur & Mirpur
  • Mymensighn
  • Saidpur
  • Khulna
  • Chittagong